Following numerous projects from animal pressure groups like the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA, from April 6 all canines over the age of eight weeks have a legal requirement to be fitted with a microchip and have their details registered on authorized databases.

How do I get my canine micro chipped?

All you have to do is call your regional veterinarian, animal charity and even pet store. They will position a chip into your canine and take your personal details to sign up to the chip. A microchip must last a lifetime.

How much will it cost?

The market price for micro chipping is in between 20-30 however several business and vets are presently running special offers. Dogs Trust Snetterton are presently offering a free service by appointment and RSPCA Norwich and Mid-Norfolk are running a chip & snip campaign for 5 if you have a bull type.

What are the implications on my pet?

Your pet dog will be fitted with a microchip the size of a grain of rice under its skin in between the shoulder blades. The procedure is discomfort totally free for your animal and will make it a lot easier to find your family pet if it is lost or stolen. If your pet dog is already micro chipped, you must make sure your details depend on date or your family pet will no longer be signed up under brand-new law and you might be prosecuted.

Why do I have to do chip my pet dog?

The brand-new law is the most effective method of making sure you are reunited with your canine if it goes missing out on or is taken. If this does take place, contact your veterinarian and Database Company. It will also stamp down on careless pet keeping and uncontrolled breeding.

How do I register my microchip?

When your dog is fitted with a microchip, the veterinarian needs to send your information into their database. It is necessary to guarantee this has actually happened and that your canine s chip is registered, otherwise your dog will be treated as un-chipped and you may be breaking the law. If your personal information changes you have to notify your database company directly.

Exactly what happens if I wear t chip my pet dog?

If you fail to either implant a chip or register your details on an approved database, you might be served with a 21 day notification asking you to abide by the new law. Failing that, you may be fined approximately 500 and have a canine warden seize your animal, microchip it and sign up the appropriate details.

Will this impact any of my other animals?

It is advised by animal welfare charities that other big family pets such as cats and rabbits are micro chipped in case they get lost or taken but there is no legal obligation to do so.